VinAI recognised as one of the Top 20 global companies for ‘leading AI Research in 2022’ and publishes 88 top-tier publications

07/06/2022 / News

After just three years, VinAI marked its global prominence with 88 publications at the main research tracks of top-tier AI conferences. In addition, VinAI was ranked within a global top 20 of the ‘leading AI Research 2022’ by Thundermark Capital.

The only Vietnamese company on the list, the ranking was awarded after an analysis of publications at the two most prestigious AI research conferences leading up to 2022: International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2021 – and Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2021 –  


Using conference proceedings, Thundermark Capital read 3,523 accepted papers (1,184 papers at ICML and 2,339 papers at NeurIPS) and compiled a list of authors and their affiliated organizations, and then calculated the Publication Index for each organization. The easiest and most intuitive way to understand the Publication Index is from the point of view of full paper equivalents: Google’s Publication Index of 200 can be interpreted as if Google published 200 full papers at the two leading AI conferences in 2021.

In another great achievement, the 88 published papers in three years are also a clear demonstration of VinAI’s innovation and dedication to world-class research.  VinAI had 14, 12, 11 and 11 research papers published at CVPR (h5-index 356), NeurIPS (h5-index 245), ICML (h5-index 204) and ICLR (h5-index 253), respectively. VinAI conducts world-class research in cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, with research spanning major pillars of AI from machine learning to computer vision and natural language processing.

The number of papers at each top-tier conference.

Over the last three years, VinAI has established Vietnam’s position on the global map of the AI research community with a remarkable publication record in the field. VinAI is the only company in Vietnam appearing in the ranking of companies in the top conferences, equally well-known companies such as Salesforce and Apple, etc. To highlight our achievements in the overall picture of AI research in Vietnam, our closest Vietnamese competitor only recently obtained its first publication accepted to a top conference. 

Focusing on Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing, VinAI research aims to address fundamental problems in these areas and develop practical methods that enable impactful applications. 

Along with conducting this pioneering research, another mission of VinAI is to nurture the next generation of Vietnamese AI scientists via a residency program. After two years of training with VinAI scientists, VinAI residents either acquire Ph.D. scholarships to study at the top 20 computer science universities in the world or become experienced AI engineers in Vietnam’s leading AI companies. In 2021 and 2022, residents attained 60 Ph.D. scholarships from the top universities such as Carnegie Mellon University (USA), Harvard (USA), EPFL (Switzerland), Cornell (USA), and more, making almost every resident who has applied for Ph.D. to get at least one admission.

Driven by a clear vision that delivers modern, impactful and comprehensive solutions, we seek out fresh, local talent and relish the ability to help guide the next generation of AI scientists/researchers to provide transformative technology solutions to the global market. With over 200 dedicated and competent personnel, of which almost 180 are AI scientists, SW engineers, embedded engineers, and AI residents, VinAI undertakes the mission of transforming our state-of-the-art AI research into impactful technology solutions for the global market.

VinAI is also dedicated to building and nurturing the AI Community within Vietnam during our annual VinAI Day. For the past three years, we have hosted this conference, with this year’s conference set to occur in Hanoi at the end of August.

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