VinAI to Introduce Smart Mobility Solution at AutoTech Detroit 2024 

09/05/2024 / News

VinAI is set to participate in AutoTech Detroit 2024, one of the most anticipated automotive events this year where innovators gather to explore the future of mobility. 

Taking place on June 5-6, 2024, at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan, USA, the event promises B2B networking opportunities, insightful sessions with over 100 industry leaders, and a dynamic lineup of exhibitors.  

VinAI’s presence at AutoTech Detroit 2024 will offer attendees exclusive face-to-face discussions over our cutting-edge Smart Mobility solution and offerings. Secure your spot with us now! 

About VinAI’s Smart Mobility Solution

VinAI’s Smart Mobility solution empowers drivers with a comprehensive range of powerful AI features, making driving safer and smoother.  

InteriorSense – Driver & Occupant Monitoring System 

The high-performance, ready-to-deploy in-cabin solution analyzes behavior patterns and provides real-time alerts, aiding drivers on the road. Proven accuracy with AI Model ranked 6th in NIST 2020. 

SurroundSense – Advanced Surround View Monitoring 

Our multi-camera system offers a complete 360-degree view arround the vehicle. The best thing? It can integrate three times faster than alternative solutions. 

Jelly View

This innovative feature enhances driver safety by offering comprehensive visibility of the blind spots beneath the vehicle.


The world-first automatic mirror adjustment feature leverages AI for personalized comfort and safety. Awarded with CES Innovation in 2024

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Join VinAI at AutoTech Detroit 2024 to discover how our Smart Mobility solutions are driving the next level of safety and comfort.

For more information about AutoTech Detroit 2024 and to register for the event, visit the official AutoTech Detroit website. 

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