Riding The Path of AI: Insights from VinAI CEO Hung Bui at Bloomberg Businessweek Vietnam 

22/03/2024 / News

On March 14, 2024, at Thiskyhall Sala, Ho Chi Minh City, VinAI CEO Dr. Hung Bui took the stage in a panel discussion titled “The Path of AI” at Bloomberg Businessweek Vietnam’s event “The Year Ahead 2024 – 2024 Economic in Focus”. His contributions shed light on the future of AI and its profound impact on economic development, particularly in Vietnam and globally. 

Dr. Hung Bui’s deep understanding of AI’s potential to drive sustainable development was evident in his emphasis on the critical role of effectively harnessing AI talent. He highlighted the importance of leveraging AI expertise to generate progress and prosperity, not only in Vietnam but also in the global market. With its remarkable development potential, AI has the capacity to become a valuable ally, meeting economic demands and serving human needs. 

During the panel discussion, Dr. Hung Bui outlined two key areas that are poised to shape the future of AI in 2024. He shared the ongoing revolution in AI-powered dialogues, highlighting the transformative impact of AI on communication and interaction. Additionally, he explored how AI is changing the way we approach content creation. Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) are expected to play a critical role in driving these advancements, influencing the trajectory of AI development significantly. 

Expressing his confidence in Vietnam’s pool of engineers, scientists, and AI experts, Dr. Hung Bui emphasized the importance of not merely following but actively leading the way in adopting new technologies. He showcased VinAI’s commitment to AI innovation with the introduction of Phở-GPT, an open-source large language model (LLMs) with 7.5 billion parameters, tailored for the Vietnamese language. This model is not just a product but also a testament to Vietnam’s capability to develop cutting-edge technologies that cater to local needs while also contributing to the global AI landscape. 

In just a few months since the launch of ChatGPT, Phở-GPT has been successfully developed to understand and write in Vietnamese more fluently, demonstrating VinAI’s dedication to advancing AI technology for the benefit of Vietnamese society and beyond. This success story exemplifies VinAI’s efforts to create value for the Vietnamese people and elevate Vietnamese AI advancement on the global stage. 

In short, Dr. Hung Bui’s participation in the event and his insightful contributions underscore VinAI’s commitment to advancing AI technology for the betterment of society and the economy. As AI continues to evolve and shape the future, VinAI stands at the forefront, driving innovation and progress in the field of artificial intelligence. 

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