MirrorSense Honored with Innovation Award Honoree at CES 2024

09/01/2024 / AchievementNews

MirrorSense, the world’s first AI-driven automatic mirror adjustment technology developed by VinAI, has been honored with the Innovation Award Honoree in the Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility category at CES 2024. This award not only recognizes the technological breakthrough of MirrorSense but also affirms VinAI’s position and potential in the global automotive technology industry.

The Innovation Award Honoree is an annual competition organized by CES to honor outstanding designs and engineering in consumer technology products.

The automatic mirror adjustment technology in VinFast MirrorSense precisely detects the car driver’s head position and eye gaze direction with a 10mm accuracy, automatically adjusting the position of all corresponding mirrors. This technology can be easily expanded to enhance safety applications while driving, such as augmented reality heads-up displays and auto-adjust seat settings, providing an intelligent, convenient, and safe driving experience on every journey.

MirrorSense was developed by VinAI, top 20 Artificial Intelligence (AI) company in the world. The product embodies an innovative fusion of proprietary AI algorithms, intuitive design, and user-friendly functionalities.

Dr. Bui Hai Hung, CEO of VinAI said: “VinAI is delighted with the recognition of a Vietnamese-developed automotive technology product at CES 2024. Through the integration of our cutting-edge AI solutions in electric vehicles, we are actively shaping the future of intelligent vehicles and setting new benchmarks in safety standards. This achievement represents a significant milestone in VinAI’s ongoing journey to deliver innovative solutions to customers globally.

To date, MirrorSense has undergone extensive testing using a dataset of 25,000,000 images sourced from 250,000 real-world subjects. The performance of this feature has been validated through the analysis of 504 self-collected videos featuring 126 participants representing diverse demographics. The product’s seamless integration into smart vehicles, complemented by Driver and Occupants Monitoring Systems (DOMS) utilizing cameras to monitor the driver, further underscores the robust performance and adaptability of VinFast MirrorSense.

VinAI are set to unveil groundbreaking technologies at CES 2024, including the Driver & Occupants Monitoring Systems (DOMS) and an Advanced Driver Monitoring System (ASVM) featuring JellyView, a 360-degree panoramic observation system that effectively identifies and alerts drivers of blind spots around the vehicle and offers a view of the vehicle’s surroundings from the driver’s cabin.

These cutting-edge technologies will be seamlessly integrated into VinFast electric vehicles and will be showcased at VinFast Booth 6417 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, providing visitors with a firsthand experience of the future of automotive technologies.

During CES 2024, VinAI is continuously set to deliver private and immersive demonstrations of state-of-the-art technologies spotlighted on the VinFast VF8 electric car, seamlessly integrated within authentic urban landscapes. These exclusive experiences are carefully reserved for invited guests, encompassing automotive manufacturers, developers, and global automotive technology suppliers…, all of whom are required to register in advance to secure their participation.

The introduction of the world’s first AI-based automatic mirror adjustment technology, as well as being hailed as a distinguished Innovation Award Honoree, affirms the vision and capabilities of VinAI. This award signifies a crucial milestone and affirms the growing global presence and potential of Vietnamese brands to venture beyond and contribute to the dynamic world of tech innovation.

About VinAI

Formerly known as VinAI Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, VinAI Artificial Intelligence Research and Application Joint Stock Company is among the top 20 leading companies in the world in developing AI application products and services. As part of the VinGroup ecosystem, VinAI is well-positioned to take the lead in providing digital solutions, and improving customer experience through technology and artificial intelligence systems. The company is committed to accelerating the development of AI technology, ushering in a more intelligent and connected world.

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