VinAI’s Presence in CVPR 2024 Ends on High Notes 

24/06/2024 / News

VinAI, one of the top 20 AI R&D industrial labs worldwide, had a stellar showing at the prestigious Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2024. With a fruitful SyntaGen Workshop, four research papers first-authored by VinAI residents, and a first prize in the OpenSUN 3D Challenge, the Research team has solidified our position as a major player in global AI research. 

Made an Impressive CVPR Workshop Debut: “SyntaGen: Harnessing Generative Models for Synthetic Visual Datasets”

“SyntaGen: Harnessing Generative Models for Synthetic Visual Datasets” marked a significant milestone as our first-ever accepted workshop at CVPR. Led by VinAI Research Scientist Khoi Nguyen, the workshop sparked vibrant discussions from leading labs on various topics in Generative AI, including image generation, 3D generation, and video generation and editing. 

The workshop drew over 200 participants including professors, research scientists, engineers, and aspiring PhD students.  

“It was a great pleasure to organize the workshop with VinAI,” said Yi Zhou – Research Scientist and Co-organizer of the Workshop, “I heard a lot of positive feedback from people in the conference about our workshop.” 

Secured 1st Prize for OpenSUN 3D Challenge 

VinAI’s expertise in 3D vision was on full display as our clinched first prize in the OpenSUN 3D Workshop’s Challenge Track 1 “Open-vocabulary 3D Object Instance Search”.  

The primary objective of this intensive competition is to localize and densely segment all object instances within a given 3D scene that fit best with a specified text-based query in the open-vocabulary configuration.  

Presented 4 Papers Authored by VinAI Residents 

This year, VinAI researchers continued to present several groundbreaking papers at CVPR 2024. Spanning diverse topics, four of our papers were first-authored by VinAI residents.  

Wrapping Up 

The most exciting thing about VinAI’s presence at CVPR 2024 isn’t just research achievements, but the fact that many more of our researchers, residents and alumni were front and center, presenting their work at one of the most prestigious conferences worldwide. This is a true testament to the incredible AI Residency program that we have in place. 

VinAI’s remarkable showing at CVPR 2024 cements our position as a powerhouse in AI research and commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI technology and developing future talents in the field. 

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