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VinAI News

VinAI News is your online source for the latest AI news stories and current events, ensuring that our readers stay up to date with any developments in the AI industry, as well as news about VinAI and our products.

VinAI News belongs to VinAI, one of the Top 20 global companies for leading AI Research in 2022. Founded in 2019 with a team of nearly 200 world-class scientists and engineers, VinAI is dedicated to applying research findings to develop AI products and services that address real-life challenges.

The leadership team of VinAI consists of AI experts and product developers with experience in renowned organizations such as Google DeepMind, Adobe, Stanford Research Institute, Bosch, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, DARPA Urban Challenge, Monash University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Oxford University.