VinAI Smart Mobility to Join EAC New Energy & Autonomous Vehicle Tradeshow 2024 

14/05/2024 / News

We’re excited to announce VinAI’s participation in the upcoming EAC New Energy & Autonomous Vehicle Tradeshow 2024 from June 21 – 22, 2024, at the Suzhou lnternational Expo Centre, China.

This premier event offers a comprehensive look at the future of Energy and Autonomous Vehicles. Attendees can delve into engaging sessions covering the entire automotive R&D industry chain and explore a wide range of innovative solutions brought by leading companies.

VinAI experts will be on hand at the event to introduce our Smart Mobility, designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and the overall driving experience. Book a private meeting with us now to discuss how our solution can address OEMs’ specific needs and challenges in the automotive industry.

VinAI’s Smart Mobility – The Next Level of Safety and Comfort

With our next-generation mobility solution that combines in-car monitoring and surrounding sensory systems, we are transforming the automotive industry by making driving a safe and comfortable experience.

InteriorSense – Driver & Occupant Monitoring System 

This high-performance, ready-to-use in-cabin solution analyzes behavior patterns and provides real-time alerts, aiding drivers on the road. Proven accuracy with AI Model ranked 6th in NIST 2020. 

SurroundSense – 360-degree Advanced Surround View Monitoring 

Our multi-camera system offers a complete 360-degree view around the vehicle. The best thing? It can integrate three times faster than alternative solutions.   

Jelly View

This innovative feature enhances driver safety by offering comprehensive visibility of the blind spots beneath the vehicle. 


The world-first automatic mirror adjustment feature leverages AI for personalized comfort and safety. Awarded with CES Innovation in 2024

Meet Us at EAC China 2024

Join VinAI at EAC 2024 to explore how our Smart Mobility solution is advancing car safety and comfort and discuss possible partnerships. For more information about EAC 2024, please visit the official website.


About VinAI

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