VinAI NLP team has 5 papers accepted at EMNLP 2022

11/10/2022 / News

VinAI is proud to announce that we have 3 papers accepted to the Main Track of EMNLP 2022 and 2 papers accepted to Findings of EMNLP 2022EMNLP is one of the top-tier Natural Language Processing conferences. This year, the conference will be organized in a hybrid format in which, the conference venue will be at Abu Dhabi, on December 7–11, 2022.

Below is the list of those newly accepted papers:

Main Track of EMNLP 2022

  1. Textual Manifold-based Defense Against Natural Language Adversarial Examples (to appear)
    by Dang Minh Nguyen and Anh Tuan Luu.
  2. Adaptive Contrastive Learning on Multimodal Transformer for Review Helpfulness Prediction (to appear)
    by Thong Nguyen (NUS & VinAI), Xiaobao Wu (NUS), Anh Tuan Luu, Zhen Hai (NUS) and Lidong Bing (NUS).
  3. Learning Cross-Task Dependencies for Joint Extraction of Entities, Events, Event Arguments, and Relations (to appear)
    by Minh Van Nguyen (Oregon), Bonan Min (Oregon), Franck Dernoncourt (Adobe) and Thien Huu Nguyen.

Findings of EMNLP 2022

  1. Multilingual SubEvent Relation Extraction: A Novel Dataset and Structure Induction Method (to appear)
    by Viet Dac Lai* (Oregon), Hieu Man*, Linh Ngo (HUST), Franck Dernoncourt (Adobe) and Thien Huu Nguyen.
  2. Joint Multilingual Knowledge Graph Completion and Alignment (to appear)
    by Vinh Tong (Stuttgart), Dat Quoc Nguyen, Trung Thanh Huynh (EPFL), Tam Thanh Nguyen (Griffith), Quoc Viet Hung Nguyen (Griffith) and Mathias Niepert (Stuttgart).

Blue Author: VinAI author
*: Equally contribution

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