VinAI is proud to announce that we have had 6 papers accepted to AAAI 2024 and 1 paper accepted to ICASSP 2024!

27/12/2023 / Achievement

We are proud to announce that VinAI has had 6 papers accepted to AAAI 2024 and 1 paper accepted to ICASSP 2024!

Six of our papers have been accepted to the prestigious AAAI 2024 conference, marking a testament to our unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of this dynamic field. This accomplishment is further compounded by the acceptance of an additional paper at ICASSP 2024, another premier conference for cutting-edge advancements in technology and signal processing.

The acceptance of seven papers stands as a powerful showcase of VinAI’s commitment to impactful research and innovation. These papers represent not only our technical prowess but also our unwavering drive to translate theoretical concepts into tangible solutions that address real-world challenges.

This achievement solidifies our position as a leading research hub in Southeast Asia, paving the way for further collaboration and knowledge dissemination within the global AI community.

(VinAI authors named below in Bold)


AAAI is one of the leading AI conferences that fosters scientific exchange across the entirety of AI and its affiliated disciplines. This year, it will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia at the Vancouver Convention Centre – West Building – from 20-27 February 2024. For more information about the event:

Accepted Papers include:

  1. LAMPAT: Low-rank Adaption for Multilingual Paraphrasing using Adversarial Training.

Authors: Khoi Le, Trinh Pham, Tho Quan, Luu Anh Tuan

  1. Continual Relation Extraction via Sequential Multi-task Learning.

Authors: Thanh Thien Le*, Manh Nguyen*, Tung Thanh Nguyen*, Linh Ngo Van, Thien Huu Nguyen

  1. On inference stability for diffusion models.

Authors: Viet Nguyen*, Giang Vu*, Tung Nguyen Thanh, Khoat Than and Toan Tran

  1. COMBAT: Alternated Training for Effective Clean-Label Backdoor Attacks.

Authors: Tran Huynh Ngoc, Dang Minh Nguyen, Tung Pham, Anh Tran

  1. Mastering Context-to-Label Representation Transformation for Event Causality Identification with Diffusion Models.

Authors: Hieu Man, Franck Dernoncourt, Thien Huu Nguyen

  1. Count What You Want: Exemplar Identification and Few-shot Counting of Human Actions in the Wild

Authors: Yifeng*, Duc Nguyen Duy*, Lam Nguyen Thanh, Cuong Pham, Minh Hoai

(*: co-first author)


ICASSP is the world’s largest and most comprehensive technical conference mainly focused on signal processing and its applications. This year, it will be held in Seoul, Korea, from 14-19 April 2024! For more information about the event:

1. JPIS: A Joint Model for Profile-Based Intent Detection and Slot Filling with Slot-To-Intent Attention

Authors: Thinh Pham, Dat Quoc Nguyen

We are deeply grateful to the dedicated researchers and collaborators who made these achievements possible. Their tireless efforts and passion for AI fuel our continuous journey toward a brighter future powered by intelligent technologies. Stay tuned for further updates as we prepare to share our research at AAAI and ICASSP 2024!

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