FPT Automotive and VinAI Partner to Amplify Comprehensive Offerings to OEMs 

02/02/2024 / News

Hanoi, February 2nd, 2024 — FPT Automotive and VinAI have signed a strategic partnership agreement aimed at elevating their services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). This milestone is set to redefine automotive service standards and deliver next-level experiences and satisfaction for clients globally. 

The partnership enables both companies to improve the depth and breadth of their solutions by leveraging each other’s resources, expertise, and network. Under the agreement, FPT Automotive will endorse VinAI’s Driver and Occupant Monitoring System (DOMS) to its potential and existing OEM clients. In return, VinAI will support FPT Automotive’s involvement in projects that require AUTOSAR and In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) solutions, two of FPT Automotive’s key competencies. These solutions aim to provide clients with the highest standards of safety and superior experiences. 

The collaboration is set to benefit OEMs by providing access to a wider range of solutions and services. FPT Automotive is well-known for its decade-long experience as a unit under FPT Software before its official launch, and a global team of over 4,000 automotive software engineers and experts. Partnering with VinAI, a leading AI-driven technology for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver monitoring systems, underscores FPT Automotive’s commitment to integrating AI into its suite of solutions. 

The partnership will focus on developing tailored smart mobility solutions that cater to diverse markets, considering regional preferences, regulatory requirements, and technological infrastructures. Additionally, both companies are committed to providing comprehensive after-sales support, ensuring seamless integration and continued success. 

This collaboration also represents a synergy of strengths from Vietnamese tech companies in the high-growth field of automotive technology. As Vietnam becomes a global hub for business and innovation, the country’s tech firms like FPT Automotive and VinAI are not only keeping pace with new industry trends and advancements but are also contributing to setting new benchmarks for innovation and propelling Vietnam’s strengths to global businesses. 

“At FPT Automotive, we are committed to continuously improving our portfolio to meet the industry’s evolving needs. This partnership with VinAI will empower our clients with more complete, effective, and intelligent solutions so that they can thrive in the era of smart mobility,” said FPT Automotive CEO Kinh Nguyen. 

Dr. Hung Bui, CEO of VinAI, echoed this sentiment, saying, “VinAI is excited to collaborate with FPT in delivering smart mobility solutions globally. This partnership not only strengthens our position in the market but also allows us to deliver transformative AI technologies to customers worldwide.” 

About VinAI: VinAI is a leading global artificial intelligence research institute committed to pushing the boundaries of technology. As a subsidiary of VinGroup, VinAI focuses on groundbreaking AI research and development to create innovative solutions that transform industries. 

About FPT Automotive: Since its official launch in 2023, FPT Automotive has actively pursued its development and partnership strategy. The company recently joined hands with FPT University to facilitate education for automotive software engineers and opened an office in India to expand its global reach and workforce. 

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