Family “goes to work” – Celebrating the VinAI Family Day

12/10/2023 / Culture

VinAI had an impressive way of celebrating Vietnam Family Day by welcoming special “employees” to the office.

Believing that truly sustainable development can only be achieved when employees are happy, VinAI consistently endeavors to provide the best human experience by engaging in activities that prioritize the well-being of its staff. On Vietnam Family Day, June 28th, VinAI offered a special opportunity for its employees to strengthen their understanding and connection with their own families through the VinAI Family Day program.

VinAI Family Day is an infrequent occasion where the workforce has the privilege of inviting their kin to the establishment. This festivity grants family members a unique opportunity to directly encounter and comprehend the company’s operations and functions collectively.

Many spouses and children of VinAI employees were accompanied to the office, where the young ones were filled with excitement to explore a working environment that is characterized by openness, friendliness, and professionalism. The guests were also afforded an opportunity to gain greater insight into the significant and purposeful work being carried out by their respective spouses or parents on a daily basis.

In addition, the VinAI Back Office team also organized special bonding games and meaningful gifts for employees and their family members. The VinAI Family Day concluded with a cozy party where families sat together, sharing happy moments right at the company.

VinAI Family Day is a gift on the part of the company to express appreciation towards its employees and their families for being the strong support and inspiration on their scientific and technological journey to serve the community at VinAI.

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