Empowering Vietnam’s AI Future: Insights from VinAI CEO Dr. Bui Hai Hung during the Vietnam AI Forum 2024

26/01/2024 / News

Dr. Bui Hai Hung, CEO of VinAI, shared valuable insights at the Vietnam AI Forum held on January 24, 2024, at the Sheraton Hotel in Hanoi. The event, organized by VLAB Innovation in collaboration with VietNamNet e-magazine and Quoc Hoi TV- the National Assembly’s television channel, focused on “Creating Vietnam’s Position in the Era of Global Enlightenment.” The event connected leaders from ministries and departments, along with experts from Harvard University and other guests, to discuss essential topics like national digital transformation in AI and the current state of AI development in Vietnam. 

The forum also included the Awards Ceremony of the Vietnam AI Contest 2023, a nationwide competition consisting of three rounds that covered a wide range of AI-related topics, including the United Nations Centenary Anniversary initiative, international law on Artificial Intelligence, future professions, and historical encounters with notable figures in the field. Additionally, students shared their personal experiences in the AI field. 

Distinguished figures from Vietnam and the global AI community, including Professor Thomas E. Patterson from Harvard University, Dr. Hung Bui – Founder and General Director, Mr. Tuan Nguyen of Boston Global Forum, Associate Professor, Dr. Viet Nguyen, former Director of Institute of Information Technology- NUS and Professor Ngoc Vuong Tran, provided comprehensive insights into Vietnam’s AI landscape and its future development. 

During his session, Dr. Hung Bui expressed his hopes for the future, stating, “We hope that in the future, young Vietnamese talents will contribute to very important work on AI for Vietnam and in Vietnam.” 

Dr. Hung Bui highlighted VinAI’s commitment to nurturing AI talents in Vietnam through its AI Residency program, which has seen over 120 residents join, with 97 students being awarded PhD scholarships from numerous prestigious international universities. He emphasized the potential for young Vietnamese talents to contribute significantly to AI projects, both in Vietnam and internationally.

Regarding research, Dr. Hung Bui highlighted VinAI’s exceptional projects – building and developing with the mindset and proved the world-class standard, which have sparked a wave of AI innovation in Vietnam. Last year, VinAI made a significant impact by releasing the open-source large-language model, Phở-GPT, with an impressive 7.5 billion parameters tailored specifically to Vietnamese. Another noteworthy achievement includes MirrorSense, the world’s first AI-driven automatic mirror adjustment technology developed by VinAI, which received the Innovation Award Honoree in the Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility category at CES 2024 – the world’s most influential tech event. This prestigious award not only recognizes the technological innovation and progress embodied by MirrorSense but also serves as a testament to the potential and capabilities of Vietnamese brands in the global automotive technology landscape. 

Speaking about the reality of AI research and development in Vietnam, Dr. Hung Bui emphasized, “As Vietnamese, we share ambitious aspirations and seek to gauge our potential in comparison to global standards, especially with cutting-edge technologies such as AI.” 

Dr. Hung Bui also shared noteworthy details regarding AI development capacity of the Vietnamese population. He highlighted the Alpha Geometry program developed by Google DeepMind, in which 3 out of 4 inventors are Vietnamese citizens working in the United States. Additionally, VinAI was recognized by Thundermark Capital as one of the Top 20 Best AI Research Companies Globally 2022, standing alongside numerous globally renowned companies. 

Dr. Hung Bui reiterated his optimism regarding the future contributions of Vietnamese talents to the AI field, emphasizing their potential impact on Vietnam and the world. After the discussion session concluded, the speakers presented awards to the outstanding teams that demonstrated excellence in the Vietnam Artificial Contest 2023. 

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