4 unique activities to celebrate VinAI’s 4th birthday

12/10/2023 / Culture

Every year, on the occasion of the Company’s birthday, VinAI organizes the Working Retreat event. This event was an opportunity for VinAI-ers to learn, develop personally, and share experiences with colleagues from different departments. The program reflected the spirit of continuous learning and knowledge sharing at VinAI. 

To celebrate its 4th birthday on April 17, 2023, the Working Retreat 2023 with the theme “VinAI is Turning 4” took place with 4 main activities:  

Leadership+ Camp | Inspirational Presentation: The training program was redesigned specifically for VinAI with the goal of personalizing the toolkit for delivering effective inspirational presentations to each participant. 

Expo Day was where VinAI made its mark with applications using AI technology. The event provided an open space for VinAI members to proudly present and introduce their products to colleagues, partners, and potential customers. With the message “Solving real-world problems by transforming advanced AI research into impactful products and services,” VinAI showcased its leading position in AI research and application not only in Vietnam but also on the international stage. 

VinAI Hackathon 2023 was not just a creative competition but also an opportunity for VinAI-ers to collaborate, demonstrate team spirit, and develop skills and knowledge. By building 14 breakthrough solutions in 3 days, VinAI-ers showcased not only creativity and efficient teamwork but also a commitment to VinAI’s development. 

VinAI Sport Tournament: The VinAI soccer tournament found its champion, Sói Già, after 6 intense and exciting matches. The tournament demonstrated the talent and competitive spirit of VinAI members. 

Gala Dinner: VinAI-ers enjoyed warm and joyful moments together. Handshakes, smiles, and the distinctive melodies of VinAI-ers created memorable memories of connection and strong bonding. 

Working Retreat 2023 was an opportunity for VinAI-ers to connect, learn, and develop personally in a creative and dynamic work environment. Working Retreat 2023 clearly demonstrated VinAI’s spirit and vision of continuous development, learning, and knowledge sharing to build a sustainable and innovative community. 

This event proved that VinAI is not only a leading company in AI research and application from Vietnam to the world but also a “Home for Talents” – an ideal workplace for the most outstanding talents in the field of AI and Information Technology in Vietnam. With the spirit of “Never stop learning and sharing knowledge,” VinAI affirmed its position in the technology community. Working Retreat 2023 is evidence that VinAI continuously sets challenges, aiming for the development of each individual and the entire organization. 

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