VinAI Secures Two Landmark US Patents, Reinforcing Its Leadership in AI Innovation

12/10/2023 / Achievement

VinAI, a division of Vingroup, has recently achieved a significant milestone by being granted its first two patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This accomplishment solidifies VinAI’s position as the leading unit within Vingroup when it comes to patent registration and acquisition.

VinAI continues to assert its pioneering role in the research, development, and implementation of artificial intelligence technology. Recently, it received two prestigious patents from the United States. In April, VinAI was awarded patent number US 11,625,540 B2 by the USPTO. This patent relates to an Encoder, system, and method for detecting metaphors in natural language processing. The patent was developed by Bui Hai Hung, Nguyen Huu Thien, Le Minh Duong, and Phung Quoc Dinh. Building on this achievement, VinAI received another patent in June for a Masked face recognition method. The authors of this patent are Bui Hai Hung, Bui Duc Toan, and Pham Hoang Anh.

These two exclusive protection titles have confirmed a great step of VinAI in the mission of improving human life with artificial intelligence. Patents protected by the United States are proof of business success when entering the international market. Patented technical solutions are all practical and highly applicable solutions, solving many existing limitations and problems.

VinAI recognizes the importance of safeguarding intellectual property and facilitating global commercialization. Consequently, it has made significant investments in intellectual property and patent registrations both domestically and internationally. Within Vingroup, VinAI leads the way with the highest number and quality of patent applications, boasting 66 filed applications and 2 granted patents. These two granted patents represent a remarkable milestone for VinAI and Vingroup, as they mark their debut in the United States patent landscape. In addition, other patents are still being examined and there will be many more patented solutions in the near future.

This is the result of extensive research by a team of leading scientists and engineers of VinAI. With hundreds of research projects recognized at leading international conferences in the field of artificial intelligence, in 2022, VinAI will be the only face of Southeast Asia to participate in the Top 20 AI research companies. Global. Besides, VinAI constantly develops and improves products and services based on available research strengths to solve existing problems in life. VinAI’s outstanding solutions include Smart Mobility and Smart Edge.

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