VinAI Resident achieves Best Paper (Honorable Mention Award) at WACV 2023

12/10/2023 / Achievement

Hue Nguyen and her team were awarded the Best Paper (Honorable Mention) at the Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) 2023 for their work on “PSENet: Progressive Self-Enhancement Network for Unsupervised Extreme-Light Image Enhancement”.  

This revolutionary technique allows for image enhancement under challenging conditions, such as at night, without relying on well-exposed images as supervision. The result is a significant reduction in data collection costs and a marked improvement in image quality. 

WACV is a premier international computer vision conference and a highly competitive event, with 1,577 valid submissions and an acceptance rate of just 21.6%. The Best Paper – Honorable Mention Award is awarded to the exceptional papers accepted to the conference. This year, there were only two papers awarded, one from VinAI and the other from MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. This award is testament to the exceptional quality of the paper and the hard work of the team behind it.  

The first author, Ms. Hue Nguyen received B.E. in Information Technology from the University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University in 2021. She spent 2 years working as an AI Resident in VinAI, and now is an AI Engineer at the Smart Mobility team. Hue’s research focuses on improving the quality of images captured in challenging conditions such as those that are too bright or too dark. Her mentors, (also the co-authors of the paper) Dr. Rang Nguyen and Dr. Khoi Nguyen, both work at VinAI, focusing on both the fundamental research of computer vision and its applications in autonomous driving.  

VinAI Residency Program is an ambitious and unique initiative that began in 2019. The program aims to explore the vast yet untapped talent pool in Vietnam and nurture the next generation of AI experts and leaders by exposing them to intensive project-based training and state-of-the-art facilities. Throughout the two-year program, residents have the opportunity to contribute to every aspect of a research project: idea inception, methodology formulation and exploration, experiment design and implementation, result interpretation, as well as reporting and presenting at top-tier AI conferences.  

Hue’s success is a testament to the program’s effectiveness in identifying and nurturing exceptional talent in the field of AI.  

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