Dr. Hung Bui Features at the VinFuture ‘Artificial Intelligence: Transformative Opportunities and Challenges’ Symposium

21/12/2023 / News

As the world increasingly turned its attention to the development and impact of AI on various aspects of life, the ‘AI: Transformative Opportunities and Challenges’ Symposium emerged as a beacon of knowledge, providing in-depth insights into the history, influences, and future trajectory of AI. This symposium, a part of the VinFuture Science and Technology Week 2023, not only explored the latest AI innovations and the future of AI applications but also delved into specific advancements, including the current status and strategies for developing AI technology within Vietnam.   

As the Founder and CEO of VinAI, Dr. Hung Bui holds a pivotal position in the AI landscape. His remarkable contributions have propelled VinAI to a position among the world’s top 20 AI research companies, as recognized by Thundermark Capital. During the ‘AI: Transformative Opportunities and Challenges Symposium on December 19, 2023, Dr Bui took part in a panel discussion alongside Dr. Xuedong David Huang (Member of VinFuture Prize Council), Dr. Padmanabhan Anandan (Founder of the Wadhwani Institute for AI, India), and Prof. Leslie Gabriel Valiant (Harvard University, Winner of the 2010 ACM A.M. Turing Award).  

Dr Bui shared his unique insights, focusing on the global impact of AI, citing examples from India where AI applications have revolutionized frontline healthcare and agriculture. He emphasized Vietnam’s progress in AI development, particularly the successful rollout of the VinAI-created, open-source LLM ‘PhởGPT’, a significant achievement in the country’s AI landscape. 

Dr. Bui also noted the steady growth of traditional AI applications in various Vietnamese industries over the past five years, including mobility, banking, e-KYC, customer support, healthcare, and smart cities. He credited the government’s strategic initiatives in AI and Industry 4.0 for supporting these efforts and highlighted the increase in AI R&D investments in Vietnam. 

Addressing the country’s readiness for AI 2.0, Dr. Bui pointed out the substantial growth in local AI experts and public awareness of AI’s potential applications compared to a decade ago. He expressed optimism about Vietnam’s potential to become a leading nation for AI innovation, especially within the ASEAN region, as outlined in the “National Strategy on research, development, and application of AI until the Year 2030.” 

Highlighting the importance of AI regulation and its role in promoting education, healthcare, and public interest, Dr. Bui emphasized the need for investment and increased adaptation in these areas. He also stressed the significance of open-source AI in assisting developing countries like Vietnam in advancing their AI industries and applications. 

As a concern for sustainable and safe development in AI, the speakers during the panel also called for collaborative efforts between governments, scientists, and companies to harness the power of AI for social good. Dr. Bui proposed a new approach for companies to fine-tune old AI models to improve efficiency, particularly in resource-limited environments like Vietnam. He also emphasized the importance of nurturing innovation and promoting equitable access to AI technologies worldwide. With a special focus on Vietnam, the symposium provided a unique perspective on the role of AI in shaping the future of this rapidly developing nation.   

The event itself promised a comprehensive exploration of AI, encompassing its history, impact on daily routines, influence on the employment landscape, contributions to academic research, and the prevailing trends and governance strategies in the global AI sector. With a special focus on Vietnam, the symposium provided a unique perspective on the role of AI in shaping the future of this rapidly developing nation.   

Dr. Hung Bui’s participation in the ‘Science for Life’ series during the VinFuture Science and Technology Week 2023 acted as a highlight, offering attendees a rare chance to glean wisdom from a visionary leader in the field of AI. The symposium, a culmination of knowledge and expertise, not only addressed the current state of AI but also provided a glimpse into the future possibilities and challenges.   

VinAI’s strategic response to these advancements reflects its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation responsibly. As we navigate the transformative opportunities and challenges AI presents, events like these serve as crucial milestones in our collective journey toward a technologically advanced and ethically conscious future. 

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