Looking Back: The Inspiring Journey of VinAI’s Residency Program 

01/06/2024 / Residency

In 2019, a visionary initiative took shape – to establish Vietnam’s first and most prestigious program dedicated to nurturing the region’s brightest minds in artificial intelligence. This marked the start of VinAI’s AI Residency Program.  

Over the past few years, the program quickly gained momentum, attracting a diverse cohort of talented individuals eager to contribute to the world of AI.  

Looking Back: A Transformative and Inspirational Journey 

Joining VinAI for two years as full-time residents, young AI talents are immersed in a transformative journey – from comprehensive training, and hands-on projects to the invaluable guidance of world-class mentors. 

More than just educational, this journey is truly life-changing, which is evident in the remarkable people and numbers that define our success. 

110+ AI Residents Trained: Over 110 individuals have passed through our doors, including 10.6% female residents. Each one has brought their unique perspectives and talents, contributing to a richer, younger AI talent network. 

70+ Residency Alumni: Our alumni are making waves across the globe. Many secured positions at some of the world’s most prestigious universities and organizations, furthering their academic and professional careers.  

Hoang Phan – Applied Scientist Intern, Amazon PhD student, New York University, USA 
Chuong Huynh – Applied Scientist Intern, Amazon,/PhD student, University of Maryland, College Park, USA 

80+ Papers Accepted at Top-Tier Conferences: Our residents’ research has gained international recognition, with over 80 papers accepted at leading AI conferences. These publications not only highlight their innovative work but also position VinAI as a key player in the global AI research arena. 

70+ Product Development Projects & 40+ Patents Filed: Beyond research, our residents have participated in numerous projects, turning innovative ideas into practical solutions that address real-world challenges. 

VinAI Residents are exposed to a strong network of AI experts 

Great opportunities await 

The journey doesn’t end here. We are constantly evolving, and the next chapter of VinAI’s AI Residency Program promises to be even more exciting.  

If you have a passion for AI and a strong desire to contribute to the development of the field, look no further and apply for Batch 12 now: 


For more information, please contact us via email at ai-residency@vinai.io  


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